Zero Fees & Cheaper Travel

Zero Fees and Cheaper Travel

At Regent Training Centre there is no need to build up debt with a large student loan. None of our programmes require eligible students to pay fees, as all courses are fully funded on your behalf by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). What this means for you is that you could start your new career after Regent Training free from debt, with your hard earned wages staying in your pocket rather than having to pay back a percentage each week towards your student loan.


To make things even easier, most students will be eligible for cheaper or even free transport with Regent Training Centre. We have fleets of vans at each campus that do pickups and drop offs at scheduled times for our more rural students. Or for students living in cities we can provide money towards buses or petrol.


During your time with Regent Training, those same fleets of vans will be used to take you out on industry visits, fun day trips and alternative learning sites. For more information on the vans and their routes please contact us.

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