Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Regent Training Centre is dedicated to providing the best learning outcomes and support to our students, their whānau, and to their communities as a whole. To ensure that this is happening we constantly evaluate our performance, processes and make sure that our priorities are what our students value.


Regent Training Centre is committed to doing better for our students, one student at a time.  This means we continuously strive to find new ways to better the lives of our tauira and therefore communities. This involves an evaluative process focused on continuously improving our performance, and because we focus on wellbeing, we focus on the individual, so evaluation is only effective for us when undertaken individually - we don't buy into stereotypes or set definitions.  The main focus of this process is on improving outcomes that are valuable to the individual student, and on the key processes and policies that can support those outcomes.  This process ensures Regent Training Centre is able to effectively engage at all levels and with all stakeholders to identify needs, implement and evaluate actions designed to continually enhance our performance.


Regent Training Centre’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) include mechanisms designed to ensure compliance with all internal and external quality standards. They have been designed, and are continually reviewed, to ensure our key stakeholders remain confident about our practices and the quality of our outcomes.


Regent Training Centre is an approved private training provider (9840) that is NZQA registered and accredited.  As at June 2021 NZQA is Confident in the educational performance and Confident in the capability in self-assessment of Regent Training Centre Limited.  The 2021 NZQA summary states:

"Matching and meeting tauira needs is the priority and strength of RTC, which enables disenfranchised youth to engage in learning. Educational outcomes and highly valued personal skills and abilities, and improved wellbeing, are clearly evident."

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