The best thing about RTC is…..

I can learn in a safe environment – Selina-Mae Banbury

Learning new skills and meeting new people – Aaron Rossiter

You learn a lot about basic skills, which knife is right for the right project, the techniques that are used – Tyler Purukamu

Sandy Epskamp is the most passionate teacher about her class and our learning – Sharma Saili-Jacobson

Having support to learn is a safe environment, being able to have awesome friends and having an understanding tutor – Rosalie Askew-Matthias

Heaps of opportunities, nice people – Maia Hook-Henare

The support and work helps you in every way and class mates and tutor – Emilio Hovell

It’s cool, kick back, meet new people and its funny sometimes – K-Ci Boyd

Driving the course cars and the fun activities we do – Te Hokinga Korewha

The tutors are awesome to get along with, really easy to have a joke with them. Also working on a skyline getting it ready for the track – Chris Somers

You don’t have to wear a uniform and you do more practical – Brian Saunders

You don’t have to wear a uniform and you don’t have to listen to loads of teachers like I did at Tikipunga – Patrick Stuart

Being in a safe, friendly environment, having a good tutor that’s helpful towards unit standards and practical and getting NCEA – Hayden Williams

The tutor Sunny can relate to all the boys so well it makes coming to course enjoyable – Jack Mackenzie

It is a very safe and vibrant learning environment. Everybody is treated equally and fairly – Joshua Wallace

The way the tutor is always around if any of the students need help – Rohan Desai

The staff are nice – Josh Larsen

The things are good and nice – Jason Aldave

Hours are easy and flexible - Joybell Young

It’s fun and easy – Brendan Williams

It is a friendly environment and very kind helpful tutors – Maria Tafa

I am learning more and it builds up my confidence for when I am working in the work force – Tyrone Danilo

Having down to earth people to communicate with about assessments. Also all the tutors were really helpful making work more understandable – Sean Walters

It is a helpful and a friendly environment – Quentin Sunley

It’s kind of like another family – Kaya Martin

The learning and people around me – Monika Smith

The making new friends and everyone works together to get the job done – Cheyenne Oliver

That there was a lot of communication at the course – Chiydelle Mahanga

Murry Kruse’s class, I love it. I feel at home and I am never put down, only supported by her and class mates – Ani Keefe