Staff At Regent Training Centre
Regent Training Centre is so proud to have a team of staff who genuinely care about their students


Regent Training Centre is so proud to have a team of staff who genuinely care about their students, and who try their best at all times for all of our learners. Our staff all have one thing in common, we are all here for the benefit of the learner because we believe that everyone can learn, and that means that everyone can achieve in life.  We understand that many of our learners lack self confidence, so at Regent Training Centre / RTC campuses you will find that we already have confidence in you on your behalf.  We know that you have so much potential, it is simply our job to show you that.    


Our students - past and present - often tell us that our staff are the key to their newfound success.  Learners appreciate the high level of respect and support that they get from their Tutor, and all staff at Regent Training. They appreciate that they are never made to feel "dumb" and that they are genuinely listened to and heard. Our learners become part of our whaanau, and they can feel this.  RTC is a safe, welcoming and happy place for learners.


Our  teaching staff have previously worked in their chosen industries and have now decided to impart their knowledge and skills onto new generations.They do this in a very supportive and encouraging manner, which allows you to develop at your own rate and pace. They will not push you further than you can cope with, but they will push you to fulfill your potential.  Our Tutors all have their own industry qualifications, and they also hold academic teaching qualifications such as the New Zealand or National Certificates in Adult Education and Training, as well as New Zealand or National Certificates in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education*.


You can be assured that our teaching staff have your best interests at heart, and that they are more than capable of supporting you get through your course of study, and on to higher education and / or employment.


*If a Tutor is new to Regent Training Centre and does not hold the relevant New Zealand / National Certificates already, they will start their Adult Teaching Certificates within 12 months of their start date.