Activities & Events
Lots of activities and events happen at Regent Training Centre

Activities and Events

During your time at Regent Training Centre, you and your fellow students will not only be learning in workshops, kitchens and classrooms, you will also have the chance to take part in various trips out and about. These trips out help to enhance and further your learning, but also help you develop relationships and make lifelong friendships with other students.


The ability to see various industry worksites in operation helps students to see how the skills they are learning at Regent Training transfer into real life. The visits give further insight into possible career options and can even help you to broaden the scope of what you understand to be possible for you.


These are also great opportunities for you to meet industry employers and start building relationships for possible future employment.


Another, just as important, aspect to trips is fun and team building. In addition to the fun days out, we also have campus events throughout the year. There are BBQ’s, themed lunches, fancy dress days, graduations and more.


There have even been opportunities for the ice bucket challenge on Tutors! It is important to us at Regent Training that you enjoy your time with us and become part of our whanau/family.


To talk to us about these trips and event’s or any of our courses make an enquiry.